​Seeing the excitement and joy in the faces of young queer kids when they see rainbows and get to pick out gay buttons is seriously one of the best things ever. 

Last night I was with TRIO, and the gay high schoolers screamed with excitment when we saw the double rainbow, and took so many pictures to commemorate the gayness of the moment. They said it was a sign, and I hoped they knew it was a sign for them to stay, and to be their wonderful selves.

Today, I was at the Pride Center booth for preview day, and three camp kids who couldn’t have been more than ten years old kept peeking into the room. When I asked them if they needed anything they said they wanted to get some buttons because they saw the Pride Center earlier but hadn’t been able to go inside. I let them come to the booth and they squealed with delight when I let them pick out buttons and beads for themselves. They were so excited to meet an older queer person and get gay stuff they could keep. They were so adorable and so happy.

It’s momemts like this that keep me going.

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