I share the truth I experience so others can see it through the words and images I craft. I believe that if everyone took the time to see the world as others saw it, we would all be richer and more understanding people. And since I can’t force others to share their truth with me, all I can do is share my truth with the world–and hope it is picked up and something is made of it.

On this site you’ll find my works of fiction and nonfiction; opinion pieces; photo projects; and small pieces I call “snippets”–those being the small things I notice or think of in a day.

No matter what I write, believe there is truth in it. There is truth in everything I see, so there is truth in everything I write.

So, who am I?

Recent college graduate, with a BA in English and a BS in Underrepresented Youth Development. I work with kids 40 hours a week in what is pretty much my dream job. I work every day to educate my kids and my community. My professional goal is to reach over 600 kids per year with my programs. My personal goal is to be the cause of one smile every day.

I have high aspirations for my future and anyone who enters my life. I am a quiet force to be reckoned with. On a journey to prevent my demons from haunting future generations. I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns.Writer, dreamer, high hopes, low self-esteem. Small in  stature. There is a world inside of me. And words–words on words on words.

Hopefully in my small way, I’m adding a voice to the millions who have been shouting and are shouting to this day. Let’s build an amazing world.


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