Sharing my Truth

This blog is dedicated to sharing the stories I encounter that I feel the world needs to know. Whether they are stories I have heard, stories I have lived, or stories I have created, you’ll find many.

I spend hours crafting words until I feel they’re fit to share. I collect moments in time and capture curiosities through photography and words.

I dedicate part of my life to telling my truth. To me this means holding nothing back in the language I use and the stories I tell. I want to be brutally honest. I want to portray the world as I see it–magical and troubled, varied, nuanced, unpredictable yet patterned, and full of fascinating people.

On this site you’ll find my works of fiction and nonfiction; opinion pieces; photo projects; and small pieces I call “snippets”–those being the tiny things I notice or think of in a day.

No matter what I write, believe there is truth in it. There is truth in everything I see, so there is truth in everything I write.


So, who am I?

Recent college graduate, with a BA in English and a BS in Underrepresented Youth Development. I work with kids 36 hours a week in what is pretty much my dream job. I am a future counselor, teacher, specialist, program director. I am a current mentor, educator, advocate, and program coordinator/developer.

I have high aspirations for my future and anyone who enters my life. I am a quiet force to be reckoned with. On a journey to prevent my demons from haunting future generations. I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns.Writer, dreamer, high hopes, low self-esteem. Small in  stature. There is a world inside of me. And words–words on words on words.

I share the truth I experience so others can see it through the words and images I craft. I believe that if everyone took the time to see the world as others saw it, we would all be richer and more understanding people. And since I can’t force others to share their truth with me, all I can do is share my truth with the world–and hope it is picked up and something is made of it.

Hopefully in my small way, I’m adding a voice to the millions who have been shouting and are shouting to this day. Let’s build an amazing world.

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